Roco's 'Sephardic Journey' (SAG-AFTRA; Prints- Boeing, AT&T, etc.) explored Asia roots: University of Philippine's lead role of Kilroy in "Camino Real," 31 performances in Repertory Philippines's "Baby," also on TV. Turning down an 'on marquee' film offer, he returned, committing to his future family.

Initially at Seattle U considering being a Jesuit, he moved to U of WA: pre-engineering then psych with Mandarin, later Lewis & Clark College Portland OR, then an ABDIP (All but dissertation internship & practicum) for a PhD at Loma Linda U (joining medical mission to China)- due to a car accident as a Full-Tme social worker rendering speech unpredictable, also hearing- though for martial arts, Roco excelled turning down swinging 'the mace' and meeting Quentin Tarantino for "Kill Bill"- to attend to serious family matters.

Immersing in piano & sports rehab, was considered by LATTA (Los Angeles Table Tennis Association) for Chicago team comps, instead joining family in Seattle. He also was hired as a pianist, e.g., for Governor Abercrombie's re-election birthday:

After ~decade of rehab w/ reliable impromptu speech in ~12 minute stints, he opened small practice- running for US Senate Hawaii, obtaining 2nd in the primary- 3X's; also became a Faculty of Psychology, University of Phoenix.

However, Roco roles, such as preempting federal closure of Catholic Charities foster care & adoption, leading to selection as 2016 US Senate Candidate for Oahu's Convention Parade, combined with fear Hawaii's 20% Filipino population would sway an election if he won a primary (never before a Filipino US Senator for Hawaii, or the USA), led to targeting, numerous email(s) taken over & texting: impersonation defamation; violent pseudo client at his home, etc.

Roco closed practice, producing an allegory: "HITMAN STRUCK." However, incessant violent attacks- of ignoring threat: "Apologize for the article you wrote on TV: say you will never run for office again...," caused loss of 1st mental health Full-Tme job in 21 yrs, returning to tree work of his youth; he left Hawaii for Seattle- eventually fully recovering from attacks w/ yoga & weights.